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Ali Rajabi
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Ali Rajabi
Photographer, Instructor,
Founder at Atrin Training Center and
Planner of many Seminars for Photographers.

After 2 years I am going to write again .... 

Lots of thing happened to me to stop me about writing. 

Anyway, I am back ....


How Instagram had an Impact on my Photography
Perhaps few people think that Smart phones can enter to the world of photography like this and had an impact in everyday life of photographers or even the ordinary people.
In presence of Smart phones and lots of Applications, Everyday we see a growing number of poeple who wants to take photogaphs with their cell phones.
Today, I am gonna mention that how Instagram had an impcat on my photography.
The point is, Usage of Instagram Application is important for taking photos not your cell phones or processing photos in the other applications. 
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Be Creative, Anywhere, Anytime
Even if you have a Sport store, Creativity can be your golden key to Sales more and force the people on the street to look at it.
Like the photos below, The owner of the store put a lady athlete behind the window and trying to draw people's attention. 
No matter what job you are in or to do, It is important that use your creativity for further projects.
In my opinion you can obtain creativity, expand and evolve it.
Seeing, Hearing, Reading and most importantly Repeat, Repeat and Repaet can bring out the subject fo your subconscious and be a good reason for 
you evolution.
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My Urban Photography Experiences
Hello Everybody,
There is always lots of issues that we want to know what is the best equipments and camera settings for our urban or people photography.
I prepare a list of my personal experinces and the point is, I am not talking about the Architectural photography in a city.
Hope it helps you :
1- I always check the path before leaving.
2-I always use only one camera with a one lens, because I am aware of my subject but lots of times I have a subject that I need to use another
lens, At this time I feel regret instead of taking photos :D
I prefer a specific lens instead of using a lens that cover me from wide to tele.
3- Definitely I choose 70-300 If I want ot take photos from people or their portraits.
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Hello Everyone
Well, Hi Everybody 
From now you can follow me here in my blog, I will write about my New experiences, Photography, Photoshop, Learning stuff, New projects and ...
I'll talk as simple as I can and I don't wanna say I write every day and also 
I don't care about any grammar misunderstanding cause I am not native but I'll do my best.
This is my first post, Dedicated to all the people who helped me in these past years and STILL they are beside me.
Also my humble thanks to Ahmad and Omid who designed this website.
Enjoy the photos.
Best Wishes


هر چی‌ که قراره از این به بعد بنویسم رو اینجا مینویسم، چه راجع به کارهام، آموزشها،تجربه ها، اتفاقات جدید و ...
اینجا به زبان خودمانی حرف میزنم، راحت و بی دغدغه.
نمی‌خوام بگم حتما هر روز مینویسم اما سعی‌ می‌کنم به روز باشم.
البته که همچنان فیس‌بوک و گوگل+ من هم اکتیو هستند و از اینستاگرام هم می‌تونین با من در ارتباط باشین. بعضی‌ وقتا هم ممکن هست بنا به بعضی‌ شرایط به زبان انگلیسی‌ بنویسم که خیالم راحته چون میدونم همهٔ شماها زبانتون خوب هست.
اولین پست رو تقدیم می‌کنم به همهٔ کسانی‌ که صادقانه کنار من بودن و صادقانه ایستادند،
این هم یه سری عکس تقدیم به همهٔ شما ...
راستی امید،احمد ممنون ...